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This is my working definition of “strength”:

To be strong 

is to summon 

that place of vitality and conviction 

that resides within us, and from it,

take a stand about what will be born 

out of the union between us and our circumstances,

between the events that befall us, and how we meet them.


It’s there, in that meeting point between what we can control and what we can’t, in the meeting place between the plot and the protagonist, that we can – sometimes – choose. 

Sometimes our pain is simply too large to leave us any space to choose. Without our even being aware of it, our pain turns into fury, or addiction, or harms repeated across time, all while we are lost in its trance.

But if you find that somehow, there is a space in you through which you can reach around, or over, or under your pain, a space in which you can choose softness instead of hardening, connection instead of separation, peace instead of violence, then, dear one, count yourself as blessed.

And extend a prayer for all those near and far who haven’t yet found a passageway through their pain.




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Photo by Paxson Woelber 

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