The Voice of the True Path

Today we talked about a tool for making decisions, charting our path, and relating to our loved ones – yes it’s a tool for all of these! Widely applicable! I won’t try to summarize it here, but it’s a practice you can use in many ways in your life – starting today. And it may also shed light for you on the different ways you’ve navigated choices in the past – and how you can keep choosing in ways that are authentic and life-giving for you.

You can download an audio version of this session here.

Here are the journaling questions shared in the chat later in the call:

  • What does this (project/relationship, etc.) want to become?
  • If I listen for the voice of its path, what do I hear?
  • What images do I see?
  • What thoughts or fears are present that are making it hard to hear the voice of its path? Just name these and write them down.
  • If I gently and lovingly set those aside, what other intimations from the voice of the path come forward?

Download a PDF version of the journaling questions we used in this session here.


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