Illustration by Oscar Ramos Orozco

Good morning beautiful!

Today I’m writing about the big idea that helps me keep my creative channels flowing, over at a fabulous site – the 99%.

This is how I think about any creative project – writing, developing a new course, dreaming up a new video series – whatever it may be.

Whatever your work, you have lots of creative projects – throwing a birthday party or figuring out where to live next or designing the new billing process at work.

Although we may have been taught in school that creativity entailed drawing or working with clay, creativity is inherent in all we make/bring forth/design/bring into being in all areas of our lives.

Being creative is, in that sense, one of the most fundamental aspects of being human.

But because creativity is complex, slippery, nuanced, it’s a place we can get stuck.

Come on over here to read about the approach I created to get myself unstuck, and that day after day, really helps me.

Big love and big hugs to you,