Today I’m writing to those of you who are currently entrepreneurs or who are thinking of (or dreaming of?) starting a business in the future.

I want to tell you about one of my favorite resources for entrepreneurs, an online course from powerhouse Marie Forleo. It’s called “B-school.”

I took the class. I loved it. I took it again. I’ve gifted it to dear friends. I’m a fan.

Here’s what the benefits of B-school were for me:

  • I grew my work’s reach significantly as a result of what I learned.
  • My time and energy went much further. If you already are an entrepreneur, I’m sure you, like me, work hard. The name of the game is figuring out which kinds of work are worth doing and which are waste. This course helped me figure that out.
  • I really enjoyed it. I was always excited to download the new materials and jump in because I was thoroughly entertained–all the way through
  • I met some people who are now among my closest friends – other dynamic, creative women entrepreneurs.
  • I was personally inspired by watching Marie do her thing – she’s a great model for doing a business in one’s own style, with all the quirks of her personality coming through.

So, I’m spreading the word about the course because I think it’s super helpful, and because I believe that entrepreneurship is one of the important ways women’s voices, perspectives, and creativity will come to the forefront of our culture in the 21st century.

If you check it out, decide its a fit for you, and sign up for B-School through my website, you’ll receive two benefits:

1. You’ll be supporting women entrepreneurs and activists in the developing world. I’ll receive a portion of the revenue from your purchase, 100% of which I’m donating to nonprofit organizations that support women entrepreneurs and activists in the developing world: and The Global Fund for Women.

2. You’ll have access to a series of two live calls I’ll be doing this spring  for women entrepreneurs. I’ll share some of my hard-won lessons learned along the way, and I will answer your questions about the behind the scenes of my business. Our focus will be on how to use business and marketing techniques wisely WITHOUT compromising your integrity or doing things that don’t feel like “you” along the way.

So, you get a fabulous training that will help you start or grow your business, access to some biz lessons-learned conversations with me, at the same time, we get to make a significant contribution to support  women around the world.

I LOVE this plan!

Click here to access some entrepreneurship training videos where you’ll get to know Marie and begin learning from her – for free. (These are super entertaining and informative.)

I’ll be writing again about the program when it is on sale later this month. If you also read about this program on other sites and click over to the Bschool website from those, please keep in mind that to get access to the calls with me and for the contribution to Kiva and The Global Fund to be made, you’ll need to click on a link again over here at when you sign up for the program itself later this month. After all, computers are smart but not that smart – they need to know how you were referred to the program and that you want to access these particular benefits!

Okey done – now go enjoy those videos!