Sign by Dustin Shelves

Sign by Dustin Shelves

I’m launching a book. A book that has my face on the cover. I’m about to enter into a period of speaking a lot, publicly, about my work and my ideas.

As in all things, balance is needed. Knowing that time is coming has made me eager to talk about other people and their work for now. So the next few posts are going to be some recommendations of fabulous resources for you.

I love Brene Brown’s work and I’m guessing you do too. (If you don’t know it, go here, quickly! and watch her now world famous TED talk to get started.)Perhaps what you don’t know is that she has this really great listing of her favorite books – the books that changed her life. I just discovered this treasure!

HERE IT IS. You can discover her most beloved reads on parenting, creativity — even cookbooks!

And, because one list of great books is never enough, I also want to point you to Lindsey Mead’s LIST OF HER FAVORITE BOOKS OF THE YEAR SO FAR. Lindsey is a beautiful beautiful writer, a gem of the blogosphere, so when you jump over to her site make sure to read some of her posts, too.

Happy summer reading!

Love to you –