Last week I shared two fabulous reading lists. This week, I’m sharing two other resources I love. One has been a long time favorite – my favorite podcast in fact. And the other, I just discovered. Both are–in my opinion–not well known enough!!

1. You might know Elizabeth Lesser’s work from her books, Broken Open and The Seeker’s Guide. You might know her from her Oprah appearances, or her beautiful TED talk. If you don’t know her work now, I’m excited for you to discover it.

But even if you do know her work…you might not know, as I did not, that she has a fabulous “toolkit” on her website. It includes her favorite quotes, her meditation guidelines, and her “10 Signs of Progress on the Spiritual Path” – so worth a read. You can find the toolbox HERE.

2. Insights at the Edge Podcast. Whenever I am wavering between writing the braver thing or the safer thing, the more conventional thing or the less conventional thing, I ask myself, “Tara, what work would be worthy of a conversation with Tami Simon (the host) on Insights at the Edge?” Honestly. That is one of the guidepost questions that helps me do my best work. I guess you could say it’s my bar. And, cause that’s how the universe works, while I was writing this post, I was invited to be on the podcast. No kidding!

But back to the point: the archive is incredible and the interviews are rich.

A few of the episodes that most impacted me: Marion Woodman, Andrea Polard, Parker Palmer, and Jan Phillips.

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