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I’m writing today with a few updates …

This month I’m proud to be featured in a Teen Vogue article on mentorship. In the piece, I shared some of my most passionately held beliefs about mentorship, one of them being that we’ve put far too much emphasis on telling women to look outward for answers, and not enough emphasis on encouraging them to tune into their own inner guidance.

In the article, I also got to speak to the idea of the “inner mentor” – that older, wiser you that you can find within and consult for direction and guidance, a concept which many of you know from the Playing Big book. I’m so happy see this idea make it into the mainstream in this way. Special thanks to journalist, Jessica Matlin, for bringing it to this audience.

    Journalist Jessica Matlin who wrote this piece


If you haven’t caught up with Teen Vogue’s incredible coverage and commentary on social and political issues under the leadership of Elaine Welteroth over the past couple of years, check out what they are doing. Read about courageous Editor-in-Chief Welteroth here.

    Teen Vogue EIC, Elaine Welteroth


You can read the full article, How to Get a Mentor, here.

If you haven’t yet, get the Playing Big book here so you can find your own inner mentor.