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Finding Your Right Work

Mindfulness + Work with Dr. Leah Weiss

As I’ve shared, I recently read the fantastic new book, How We Work, by Dr. Leah Weiss. Leah’s background is fascinating. She’s a licensed social worker, has a PhD in Theology and Education, has trained extensively in mindfulness and now teaches a pioneering course at Stanford Business School called Mindful Leadership. Here’s what the Dalai […]

“the detours”

This was one of the things Jadah Sellner and I talked about in our recent conversation for her podcast, Lead with Love. I’ve come to believe that straying from our soul’s path is simply a part of the human experience. I have never met a person who did not fail in their allegiance to their […]

if your calling doesn’t pay the bills

  Yes, it can be a tremendous blessing in our lives to do work full-time that feels like a calling. But I’ve also never met a calling that cared whether or not it was the way the bills got paid. And over the past ten years I’ve talked to many, many people about their longings, […]

making time for what you love to do

A few weeks ago, I headed into the dance studio for a class for the first time since my daughter was born. It took a lot to get to a class. It took all these months for me to feel up for it. It took being willing to give it a big chunk of time […]

Chrysalis Time

What should we do in the in-between time, when one chapter of our lives or work has ended and the next one hasn’t come into being yet? This is chrysalis time. Perhaps you’ve heard the metaphor before: in between being a caterpillar and becoming a butterfly, there is the chrysalis. This is the stage of […]