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Hi Everyone,
I have a couple of delightful things to share with you today.
1. Since I’ve become a blogger, I’ve been spending a lot more time with social media. About seven hundred times as much time as I ever did before. And while the connections made through social media can be soul nourishing and wonderful for my work, there is definitely a dark side: the addictive quality of social media, the sense of constant distraction, the overwhelming amounts of information…
A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about the guidelines I’ve developed for myself to mitigate that downside, in a post called “ Using Social Media Sanely” – over at Charlie Gilkey’s blog.
Turns out some of my other favorite women on the web were writing about this topic too. We all think it’s so important we are doing a panel discussion about it next Monday, March 7th, and it’s free. I’ll be joined my this incredible crew: best-selling author Jen Louden; human rights advocate, yogini and writer Marianne Elliott and intuitive, writer and life-shifter, Bridget Pilloud. And our discussion will be facilitated by the fabulous writer and lifestyle design expert Tara Gentile, aka Scoutie Girl. We’ll cover: how to set energetic boundaries and practice discernment with social media, how to take a digital sabbatical without feeling like you’ll die, and how you can stay centered in the midst of the “cool kids” scene that happens with social media. You can sign up to attend live or get the recording HERE.
2. Delight #2 is this. Artist Leonie Allen has created this inspiring ebook in which twenty creative women write about their morning routines – what they do that helps them set the right foundation for the day. I’m honored to be included as one of them. I learned so much – and was so inspired – reading it. You can download it HERE.

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  • Maria says:

    Social media does have a way of capturing a person. I find myself spending much too much time online on days when I haven’t made a plan for myself. For me, the key is to remind myself of all the great books, walks, and the nature going on around me and get moving. ~M

  • Meg says:

    Oh thank goodness for this post! It’s like you were reading my mind. Just last night I hit a breaking point with social media – the constant distractions and information overload have destroyed my productivity. And yes, the “cool kids” scene has (embarrassingly) caused some serious depression. I feel like I’ve gone from a confident, independent businesswoman to a 13 year old with acne and a mouth guard. lol!

    For now, I’m rationing – steeply. But I could really use some tips on other ways to approach it without getting lost in it.

    Thanks! As always, great work. 🙂 Can’t wait to check out that e-book, too. Mornings are the best time!

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