Yes, it can be a tremendous blessing in our lives to do work full-time that feels like a calling.

But I’ve also never met a calling that cared whether or not it was the way the bills got paid. And over the past ten years I’ve talked to many, many people about their longings, their callings, their dreams.

The callings that come to us want to be respected, not ignored or rationalized away. And they want us to give them expression in some way – but often small ways and small hours are plenty – plenty for giving us huge joy and fulfillment, and for bringing good into the world.

Whatever it is for you – that form of making art that is calling to you, that way of working with people, that project you’d love to do – just give it some air, some time, some of your allegiance and energy. That’s all it needs.



photo credit: rawpixel

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