I’ve never been into the whole “I am enough” thing. I’ve heard it invoked in personal growth circles for years – but it always struck me as a little saccharine, a little too 1980’s pop-psychology, a little to ready to be parodied on a Saturday Night Live episode.
I didn’t think much about the concept – that was just my knee-jerk reaction. But then, women I really admired – women who had done such remarkable things that I’d asked them to be guest speakers in my Playing Big course – well, they kept on invoking this phrase. They spoke about how realizing they were enough was a turning point that freed them take bold action and better nurture themselves.
At first I was annoyed: Really? The whole, “I am enough thing”? Wasn’t there something more profound to talk about? But, my curiosity piqued by their stories, I started trying on “I am enough” as an occasional mantra. I found it made a real difference, in part, I think, because I’d done enough other work on myself – on challenging my inner critic – that the words weren’t hollow. When I said them, I could believe them. Sometimes the words served as a reminder to rest: ” I am enough. I can just take a pause right now and do nothing.” Sometimes they were a reminder to do: “I am absolutely enough (qualified enough, smart enough) to share my voice at this table.”
I was delighted to be asked to be part of Tracey Clark’s I am Enough series, where she’s brought together an amazing circle of women writers to explore the concept of “I am Enough” through their own stories and reflections. Here’s my post on the topic. And, if you don’t know Tracey yet, check her out. She’s an incredibly positive, down-to-earth human being, a gifted photographer, and a woman who plays big. She’s the author of several books, and a pioneer in the world of photography, as the founder of Shutter Sisters – a network of thousands of women photographers who are taking pictures to enrich their own lives. Come visit my post over at Tracey’s site here.
p.s. Join me for my fall retreat! Info here.

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