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Chat with Jillian Michaels, Part 2

By May 1, 2012 3 Comments

Good morning!

First things first, I want to welcome the 1000 of you or so who just signed up this week to receive articles and inspiration from me. Welcome. I’m honored that you are here.

Some goodies for today:

1. Below is Part 2 of my visit with Jillian Michaels. We chat about some of the unhelpful speech habits so many of us women have – habits that cause us to come across as less confident. Here’s Everyday Health’s article on the segment. Special thanks to brilliant woman in tech Gina Trapani for sharing the video at her site.

Click HERE to watch if you are reading over email)

2. Here’s my other conversation with Jillian Michaels. We talk about the inner critic and how to quiet its voice. (Click HERE to watch if you are reading over email)


3. Blogger Cherry Woodburn interviewed me on the topic of inner critic and confidence last week. She jumped right in by asking me about my struggles with my own inner critic – and I was honest! We also talk about how and why so many women lose their voices at school – and what we can do about that. Cherry is super smart, and so dedicated to helping women access more confidence. Check out our conversation here.


Love to all of you!


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