Good morning.
It’s one of those mornings when everything has worked to enable me to be up and at the desk at 5am. Delicious.
Many of you know this is my favorite time to write.
It’s been an amazing few days for my writing, with my posts being published at some great blogs around the web.
To new readers who jumped on board over the past few days, welcome. I’m so glad that you are here.
There are two guest posts from this weekend that I haven’t had a chance to share here yet. Both share ideas that are dear to my heart, and that have been central to my own growth over the past few years.
1. Make Life Thrilling Everyday, at Positively Present, Dani’s blog. Our culture tends to define excitement in terms of sky dives, roller coaster rides, and whirlwind romances—extraordinary, external experiences. My experience is that the true thrills of life come from what we do with the everyday life in front of us. We never, ever need to be bored. At Positively Present, I talk about my five favorite ways to cultivate excitement in any moment, no matter how ho-hum the moment seems.

2. Discover Your Internal Mentor, at Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life, Steve Aitchinson’s blog. Of all the personal growth tools in my toolkit, the Internal Mentor would be among my top three in terms of impact—-both for me and for my coaching clients. The concept is based on the “future self” tool I was trained in by The Coaches Training Institute. This post is the first of a monthly guest post series I’ll be doing at Change Your Thoughts.
Also, in case you missed them over the holiday, here are the my other guest posts published during this past week:
“Five Beautiful Things” over at Jen Smith’s Reach Our Dreams. I think we started a Five Beautiful Things revolution! This post really resonated for readers, and Jen did a beautiful job hosting the conversation at her site. In the comments, you’ll find some gorgeous descriptions about how people used this in their own lives.
Why Happy Couples Should be Apart, at Josh Hanagarne’s blog, World’s Strongest Librarian. If you and your partner spend a lot of time apart, get some new ideas about how you can use that time to strengthen your relationship. And if you and your partner don’t spend time apart, here’s why I think you should.
What It Takes To Stay, at Peter Clemen’s The Change Blog. Most of us tend to focus a lot on the “finding” work in our lives, finding the right job, the right relationship. I think we’ve neglected the art and skill of staying. This post is about how to sustain the goodness of a good thing—whether a romantic relationship, a friendship, or a job.
Happy reading, and happy Monday.
Oh one more thing, which something is steering me to add here. If there is a difficult truth you need to tell in your life, a concern that may shake things up and make a bit of a mess when voiced, consider sharing it. The truth you see should be part of the conversation. It should be on the table. Don’t underestimate your power.

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  • Mr. Jeremy says:

    Wow, you certainly have been busy with guest posts – quick question for you – about how long does it take you to write a guest post – both on the low and high end. I’m getting to the point now and want to start doing them and want to see a best gauge for budgeting my time.

  • sophiashouse says:

    Hi Jeremy,
    Thanks for your comment. I wrote these over several weeks…they just happened to all get published at once!
    I find there’s a huge range in how long it takes me to write a post. Sometimes, there’s a flow there and its all clear and orderly from the start…and that means it could take just 45 minutes or so. Sometimes, I’m writing more to work out my thoughts, and so the first couple drafts are a big rambling mess. Posts like that could take 4-5 hours. I see my job is enjoying the process no matter what end of the spectrum it ends up on, and realizing there is no ‘better’ or “worse” …and also that I really don’t ever want to rush it with writing.

  • Thanks Sophia for the response. I can see where you are coming from about the huge range in writing time. Some days it flows for me as well. Other days, not so much. Thanks for sharing!

  • Those are great blogs to be guesting at! Way to go — loved the varied topics and may pop over to read the one on couples being apart.

    You know, that last thing you said about sharing a truth… It’s well timed. Is there something in the air? The truth I was faced with this week, though, was my own truth. I got to look inside myself, and see my past, from a new vantage point and what it showed me was something I hadn’t embraced until now. In embracing it, I can also choose to let it go, which I am.

    Very freeing, very (en)lightening…

    Many blessings of joy & love to you!

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