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Leaving Problems Behind

By May 6, 2010 No Comments

Good morning lovelies,
Here’s the thing. Life is problem-full. In fact, it is problem-generating.
Here’s the recipe

  1. Your fears, expectations, desires, attachments, wounds, hopes, longings
  2. Other people’s fears, expectations, desires, attachments, wounds, hopes, longings
  3. The limitations of the physical world, limitations on things like space, time, lifespan, money, land, oil, and cookies in the cookie jar at home.

So the result? The kinds of circumstances we human beings experience as problems.
And then there is the high of fixing the problems. Heck, some of us even get a high from the mere pursuit of a solution.
But problems are only one-dimension of life. We can get stuck in that dimension. And that’s why I wrote about leaving problem-mode, in this post, at Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life.
Please come visit and share your wisdom in the comments.
Sending lots of love, and wishing you a most revolutionary day.

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