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By October 20, 2012 6 Comments

Photo by Christa Gallopoulos

Come on over to Maria Shriver’s site today if you’d like to read my recent post there, on a sweet little practice that can change your life (and has been changing mine.)



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  • Japolina says:

    I loved it. Great idea. I will try a do be list tomorrow

  • Tracy says:

    The “to be list” is such a wonderful reminder of how are thoughts control our actions throughout our day & lives. It’s also a reminder of how much control we really have about how we chose to think & live. Thank you for this reminder!!

  • Pamela Bock says:

    This just made me cry. I stumble through my day, my life, and feel the thumb on me from everyone and how they control me, my feelings, my mood, my perception of myself. I don’t even know where to begin. Trust me I have tried, but when I do, they find out or figure out what I am doing and find a way to hit that “go back” button. I am going to try the To-Be List. I just don’t know where to start. It will definitely be baby steps for me. I have to think tiny things and build up. Do you have suggestions? I love everything you have to say. Implementing it is hard.

  • Donna Davis says:

    Hi Tara,

    What a lovely post–and so apropos! I don’t yet handle stress well, yet if in a day I can push myself to accomplish x, y, z and maybe my next a, I say that’s progress, that’s gaining ground.

    But often on those so-called successful days I’ve run like a robot, or worse, vented my angry, pressured, overwhelmed emotions at almost anyone who crossed my trajectory.

    And some of those to-do’s are damn penny-wise and pound-foolish–will I recover creatively, and BE an artist again, with help from an hour-long excursion to get milk at $1.41 per quart, not $1.51?
    But those are quantifiable things, easy to check off…

    What does that communicate? That I’d BE rude, angry, pushy, and ungenerous for $0.10 and a check-mark. Do I value cheaper milk more than the respect of others–and, ultimately, self-respect?

    You really have it right on here, Tara. There may be days when we have to BE tough, hard-nosed, speedy…but not obnoxious by default. We–I–can make a conscious choice to lead a life today that’s not going to be just about “survival.”

    As always, I love your posts and send them along to friends. Many thanks.


  • Sophie Florac says:

    What a STAR idea Great Tarah Sophia ! We need both lists it is an evidence and we did not see it untill you notice : Genial !!! I am a spritual coach and I think and repeat for all that intention is essential to do what we’ve choosen. Intention is as essential as a compass ! GRATITUDE

  • Anna says:

    I love this idea. What a great way to bring intention into the day. I don’t always get through all my to-dos, but I’d much rather get through to-bes.

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