More Everyday Joy


By November 28, 2008 No Comments

The air is hushed soft today, by all of us in retreat, pausing, and hunkering down into winter. Some of us gathered with friends and sat in the warmth of kindred spirits and rich foods. Some of us visited our families and with them, our former selves.
Some of us were disappointed that this year was not different in some way; some expectation was not met. Some of us accepted events exactly as they were, and danced with them.
We tend to new needs of the body in winter. Our soul has its own unique needs of wintertime – to reach out more to others and to life in order to see reflected back its own vitality.
This time of year, time slows for me, and the tracks of winter life’s routine become well-worn. I burrow into work, learning, absorbing. Winter opens a time of collection and incremental change.
During winter we alter ourselves so subtly, often unconsciously— like time wearing on a face. Ground is being tended for something new, something being prepared in each of us for spring.

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