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Listening with the Heart

By December 22, 2008 No Comments

“In order to listen with my heart, I must return again and again to my heart through a process of centering, through taking things to heart.
Listening with my heart, I will find meaning. For just as the eye perceives light and the ear sound, the heart is the organ for meaning.”

-Brother David Steindl Rast, A Listening Heart

What in your life are you looking at through the lens of the mind? What situations or events? What aspects of the world, or the news? What people in your life? And what changes if you look with the lens of the heart instead?
Today, identify one area of your life you are “reading” with the lens of the mind, and shift to the heart. The heart is entirely its own sense, as different as taste is from hearing, or as touch is from sight. What does it mean to you that just as the eyes reveal visual insights and the ear allows us to ear, the heart is the organ for meaning?


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