All of us receive a heart that speaks, but it is up to us what voice we speak back to it.
All of us receive a heart that holds our wounds and our hopes, but it is up to each of us to make the heart that holds our heart– to make an outer heart.
The outer heart is a shell, a vessel, a landing pad.
It can be soft or hard, pliant or rigid, made of clouds or gravel or nails or emeralds, depending on you.
The outer heart repels or dissolves or amplifies shocks to the heart, depending on what you have made.
The outer heart is where the heart lands when it falls, softly or violently, depending on what you have built.
The outer heart is always sending a message to the heart about the heart’s value.
When your heart speaks, how do you speak back to it? Do you treat it like a liar or a truth teller?
What is your outer heart like now? A courtroom with judge and jury? An open field, a war zone? A warm blanket of soft insulation? A carefully woven basket? What is this container porous to and what is protected? And what do you want it to be?

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