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The Outer Heart

By June 16, 2010 3 Comments

You’ve got a heart. You know that part. But what is the container like that holds your heart?
When you heart speaks, how do you listen? How do you speak back to it?
When your heart moves, what kind of landscape have you created for it to move in?
We can’t always control what happens to our hearts in this life, but we do have full power over how we hold our own hearts, how we relate to them.
If we don’t treat our own hearts gently, with love, what kind of contentment can we ever feel? How can the world ever be a safe place–if our own bodies aren’t even a safe place for our hearts to be?
More on this, on the outer heart, in my post over at Regina Perata’s blog, Restoring Power. While you are there, read a little of Regina too. Her insights surprised and moved me.
If you hold your heart with love and care and lightness and space today, what’s different?

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  • Uzma says:

    This is such a beautiful post. Very touching. We read so much about loving the self but one never truly learns how . Today I learnt. Thank u and god bless

  • regina says:

    Thank you, Tara. It is a lovely, powerful post and I’m grateful you shared it with me and all my peeps. xo

  • maja says:

    Other way
    Tara, I was just drying my hair in the bathroom when I had a sudden urge to write to you in your blog, to tell you how I feel about love.
    Our way to Love is such a personal experience. I have observed your writings, thoughts and expressions of love recently and I started to learn things about you. because you were so honest and you talk about your fears and your deep feelings, about your family and relationship to your parents, I know that your way to love was so much different than mine. You are one of the rare lucky ones, Tara. Majority of us, maybe a vast majority, helas, earn our way to Love through utmost suffering, and those even unluckier than myself, through a real tragedy.
    However, the result we reach may be just the same. the feeling of oneness, the feeling of being part of the Great Love and Great Love being there to nurture us, getting closer to God and climbing always one step higher to get there and bathe in His light may be exactly the same.
    Earlier today I sent a message to a suffering friend, a message inviting her for introspection & beginning with Who am I? I was grateful to Love I could write to her such a delicate unoffensive message. While thinking about it in the bathroom, I saw you as a lucky one, a soul mate earning her way to Love because of her intention. For many of us Tara, the intention is not enough. The dark side of our soul, be it a tiny one, prevents us from having immaculate faith that could help us reach Love without obstacle. Only through extreme suffering can we reach the desired state of humbleness and insight in our own true nature that can elevate us towards Great Love. The suffering and loss needed for us to move further can be so overwhelming that thay apparently keep us even at a further distance from Love. When the bottom is reached, then do we know that there is nothing else to lose or at least we think so, and it is then that we open our hearts to Great Love. Please God, do not make me suffer terribly any more in this life. Please, shine your light on me, bathe me in your Love so that the dark corners of my soul are healed for ever, and may my soul find in you a constant place of rest and inspiration and reason to exist.

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