I think one of the most uncomfortable feelings we experience in life is also one of the most glorious.

That sense of, “There is something more. Something I’m meant to be. Something in me that wants to be expressed. Some greater impact I am meant to make.”

These thoughts can seem highly individual, highly personal, when they come to us. That can trip us up because it takes us into, “But am I good enough for that? Who do I think I am?”

But the sentiment “I’m meant for something greater” reflects a universal truth. All of us have greater creativity than we use. All of us have more power to do good than we imagine. All of us are living only a small sliver of our potential.

We are expressions of the divine, meant to give, create, invent, and heal during our lifetimes. We’re designed for that, and so we long for it.

So you can forget all the inner critic narratives and personal questions about your readiness to play bigger, because it’s just not a personal matter. It’s for all of us.

And I believe that as we step into our authentic callings, we bring the sanity and compassion that our world so desperately needs.

It’s true. You are meant for greater impact.
You are called to bring forth what is in you.




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