I have been writing online enough to know this opinion is an unpopular one, but I will go down saying it.

I don’t believe in enemies or villains. I know hurt people hurt people.

In our wisest selves, our grandmother selves, we take destructive behavior damn seriously. We work to root it out, but we don’t give it mythic power, its own force.

Instead, we just know it is what happens when love and wisdom are absent, and when the culture has taken the matriarchs off their thrones.

Sending love to you today,



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  • Cate Johnson says:

    Thank you, Tara. I completely agree with you. Sending lovingkindness–regardless of what the situation–is the only way that we ourselves can be instruments of peace and healing. Channeling our Inner Mentors–our Grandmother Selves–helps in getting in touch with this wisdom. Thank you for reminding us of this important lesson!

  • Donna says:

    You got that right! I love men, trust me. And I know that the wise ones that I know would and do say the same thing…”it’s time to put women in power for the sake of all of us.” Not sexism, just wisdom.

  • Kristina Bruce says:

    YES!! Absolutely whole-heartedly agree with this.

  • Alyse says:

    Awww, so true. I’ve found “hurt people hurt people” to be a balm that replaces my desire to condemn with the strength to be empathetic to another’s pain — even as they cause pain — and a redirection towards kindness — for myself, and for others. All others. Hard and counter-intuitive, but I don’t see another way. Thank you for this post today.

  • Barbara L W says:

    I hope we are getting to that point where we are confident enough to really stand BOLDLY in our maternal wisdom and power.
    You are coaching us! I am so encouraged with your confidence in stating what needs to be said. Thank-you,Tara.

  • Elle says:

    Yes. Amen.

    “…it is what happens when love and wisdom are absent, and when the culture has taken the matriarchs off their thrones.” Spot on and beautifully said.

    Thank you for speaking up and sharing what, I believe, we all know ‘in our bones’ to be true. I am with you.

  • Uzma says:

    Beautiful. May the grace and power of Matriarchy be seen again. And Kindness. I’ve been wondering where the kindness is gone in this patriarchal world.

  • Cheryl Sylvester says:

    Love how you keep playing bigger! Such a role model.

  • Gwen Delmore says:

    Thank you for this, we all need to SEE this, and absorb this daily, if not hourly.

  • Maureen says:

    Very true, Tara. I think wise women will heal the world, and you are certainly one of them.
    Thanks for your inspiring words.

  • Thank You!

    The words…”hurt people hurt people” are so true and such a good reminder.

    And yes, it is unpopular at times.

    extra glad to see it here.
    on point. perfect. super excited I read this.


    (also…as someone who is learning to write copy and all that entails….this was perfection)

  • Esther says:

    Thank you Tara
    i so agree with this outlook on the world
    everyone is a person
    and people do hurt people. An unfortunate fact of life.
    To acknowledge our own humanity is to play bigger

  • Susan Embry says:

    I shared this on FB Tara, and the comments were so positive. This is the point of light I believe we all need to focus on. Thank you.

  • Beautiful, elegant, simple and so true. Thank you!

  • anya says:

    so beautifully said.
    thank you.

  • Suzanne Schaff says:

    WOW, I SO love this post, Tara. I SO agree with you, and very grateful you have the courage and wisdom to SAY what you feel and believe. From the other comments so far, you have a lot of sisters, and probably brothers!, who ‘get’ what you’re saying!!!

  • K Pickell says:

    This has been on my heart and mind so often lately. Thank you for bravely expressing this powerful truth, so simply and eloquently.

  • Gail Gaspar says:

    Believe this with my whole heart. Especially in times like these, expressing ourselves from center, truth, kindness and love, is what will help heal ourselves, our community and our world. Thanks for a beautiful and insightful post, Tara.

  • Cumba Siegler says:

    Thanks for the reminder. I recall hearing this when 9/11 went down. Sending out waves of peace.

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  • What a strong, yet peaceful statement. Thank you for saying this!

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