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50 Ways to Practice Everyday Creativity

What is “everyday creativity?” It’s something you and I can do in the midst of our busy lives, no matter what kind of work we do. It’s something we can do in the midst of commutes and carpool, pitch decks and client meetings. It’s also something we can do in the midst of grief, chronic […]

White Hot Truth

Today I’m thrilled to share with you a passage from White Hot Truth, the new book by Danielle LaPorte. From Danielle: “For the longest time, I thought that joy was, ultimately, our true nature, the centre of our centre. That assumption felt close, but not quite there. After much more making, meditating, struggling, succeeding, raging, […]

Writing Heals

There is a lot swirling in me these days, a lot that is churning and changing. It is slowly settling in to my consciousness that I am in fact now a mother of two. That there are two little people who every day need me a lot. I am trying to find time for myself, […]

what i’ve learned this year…

  There’s something that I’ve been learning in my personal work on myself that I want to share with you today. It’s changed so much for me. There’s a lot of excitement in our culture around the idea of mindfulness – becoming an observer of your own emotions, thoughts, and behaviors – in order to […]

A New Twist on Gratitude Practice

You can listen to this post in audio, too. Click the player to download an mp3 file, or you can read below … Today, I want to invite you to try a new twist on gratitude journaling. I recently heard a friend say she’d started writing down not only what she was grateful for, but […]