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A Different Way of Working

When I think back on these past several years, I’m so grateful for the opportunities I’ve had to decide how I want our team and business to show up in the world. Our philanthropy. Our compensation policies. Our approach to customer service. My team and I believe that each is a way to express our […]

What I Love Most About Being An Entrepreneur

With our focus on entrepreneurship this month, I’ve been thinking about what I most love about the entrepreneurial path. Right now, for me there are three things that stand out: 1) Doing Work That’s Meaningful. I do this work because I believe we need to unleash women’s voices, women’s power, women’s leadership – for the […]

The Path of Entrepreneurship, Part 2

You may remember that this month I’m sharing a series of emails about entrepreneurship. Here’s why I’m passionate about this topic: Becoming an entrepreneur is a way to do work that is more meaningful and fulfilling for you, to become more bold and visionary in your work, and to have more autonomy and flexibility in […]

The Path of Entrepreneurship, Part 1

There’s something remarkable happening in our time. It’s new, it’s growing, and it’s quite amazing. It’s the power and opportunity offered to women through the path of entrepreneurship. In unprecedented numbers, women are starting businesses to do work they love and to make an impact in the world. Maybe you are already on this path, […]

The Cure for Laziness

I’ve noticed this a lot lately: bright, capable women calling themselves lazy. “I’d love to write that book, but I’m just too lazy.” “I get really into meditating in the mornings for a few weeks, but then the laziness kicks in and I end up sleeping in in the morning instead.” “I should be doing […]