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3 Big Lies That Paralyze Women’s Careers

By September 22, 2012 2 Comments

Hey there,

Earlier this month I wrote a post about 3 big lies about careers/callings/contribution that I see women falling for again and again – to the major detriment of their careers.

Time to stop the lies, people!!

Is one of these 3 holding you back? You can find out just what they are here.

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  • June says:

    Wonderful–well worth printing and posting in prominent place–but the linked article left out some critical words…please repost somewhere in its entirety; many thanks. Excerpt with missing words: “Get this: when people praise kids on their innate talents in some area (e.g., “Wow, you are so good at art!” or “Wow, you are very gifted at math!”), they become avoid doing more challenging tasks in that same domain (art, math, etc.)”

  • Hope Perlman says:

    Carol Dweck’s research is really fascinating. I loved her book Mindset. It’s one of the most significant books I’ve read about success.

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