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The Way of Compassion

Things We Don’t Know Yet

This summer as I’m taking some downtime, I’m sharing some of my favorite and your favorite posts from the archives. Hope you enjoy these selections! Love, Tara Things We Don’t Know Yet Here are some things we don’t know yet: How to create a childhood worthy of the sacredness of the child How to forgive ourselves, […]

A Conversation with Ellen Goodman Part 2

Here’s Part 2 of my chat with Pullitzer prize-winning columnist Ellen Goodman. (Read Part 1 here). TARA: Let’s talk more about social change because you’ve both written about it and taken time to study it. I’m curious about what your understanding is of how social change happens and how that is informing how you have […]

Things We Don’t Know Yet

Here are some things we don’t know yet:   How to create a childhood worthy of the sacredness of the child   How to forgive ourselves, entirely   How to love without projection or dependence   How to honor the strength of love alongside the strength of might   How much we are held, blessed […]

The Big Ideas

More than three years ago, when I was just starting this blog, I wrote a post called “The Big Ideas.” In it, I listed the big concepts I wanted to talk about here. It was my “this, I believe” post. It feels good to look back on them, to remember what I was holding in […]

How Julio Diaz Got Mugged

A few years ago, on the way to his favorite diner, Julio Diaz was mugged.   His is perhaps the most remarkable story of a mugging you’ll ever hear.   On an empty subway platform, a teenage boy approached Diaz, pulled out a knife, and demanded money. Diaz handed over his wallet.   Then, remarkably, […]

A Poem: Turn Your Palm

Turn Your Palm   I invited you in to the mystery with an open hand. I invited you in to the lap of love. I walked you down a golden path and touched your eyelids when you slept.   Then I turned away and showed you a darker moon. You live in the land of […]

Today Show Appearance, Gratitude & More…

Wednesday is a big day for me. I’ll be going on the Today Show, talking to 2 million viewers about women owning and claiming their brilliance in the world. Whew. Ack! Yay!   Feeling all of those.   Am I a little nervous? Yes. Also very excited and ready for a fabulous time!   Good […]

One Time Offer

I write in the mornings, and most days when I wake up there is a vague direction for the morning’s writing sitting in my chest. I follow it and see what happens.   Today I woke up with such love for you in my heart, and a very simple message: I want you to treat […]

Empathy on the Playground — and Beyond

I really did grow up analyzing my dreams with my mom at the breakfast table, over oatmeal. She’d take out a yellow pad and we’d sit at the kitchen table diagramming the dreams, talking about different archetypes from Jungian psychology.   I was taught that our dreams reflect what’s happening in our unconscious emotional lives, […]

How to Be a Goal Artist

1. Hold the process of creating the goal as sacred. Make the goal itself a work of art. “Get in shape” doesn’t cut. “Run a mountain trail and love the run — even in mile 8″ just might. Take time to develop a picture of the goal. Use journaling, collage, drawing, or visualization.   2. […]