I remember well the moments when I first began to turn away from my own B+ life. I began to allow room for the truth — the truth that I wasn’t fulfilled by the status quo. That the things I really loved I had long neglected.
I began, slowly, scary as it was, to articulate what I wanted my life to look like. Who I wanted to be. What I wanted to be doing.
Have I reached that perfect end state picture? No. I’m not sure it will ever happen. But the point is, I’m on the road.
Being on the road to our dreams means: We’ve found the courage to articulate them. We’ve pulled them out from being buried in our guts and spoken them, even if only to ourselves.
Being on the road to our dreams means: We’ve said: this dream is worthy. Worthy of my time, my energy, my best effort. I will host it, I will welcome it, I will keep the kindlings going for the fire.
Being on the road to our dreams means: Keeping the vision alive in our minds. Returning, again and again, to the imagined future we desire, and letting that image guide us.
Being on the road to our dreams means: We’ve said: I’m in. I’m in for this project. I will try. I will work toward it. I will be my own friend in this way.
Here’s the miraculous thing: the freedom and richness come when we step, with both feet, onto the road toward our dreams – not when we reach the destination. The joy and poignancy and aliveness enters our lives when we step on the road to our dreams, not when we realize those dreams.
I find this amazing. That if your dream/longing is to start your own creative business, let’s say – the change in your quality of life, in the lightness of your heart, doesn’t happen when you do that. It happens when you step onto the path of commitment to owning that business, when you give voice and respect to the dream, and set about on the work of making it happen. That if your dream is to be a published author, the vitality and excitement and grace and peace don’t come when you sign the publishing contract. They come when you give yourself full permission, and your own support, to begin working toward that.
It’s about stepping onto the road of your dreams. With both feet.