A few weeks ago, my friend and mentor, Grace Kraaijvanger, founder of The Hivery coworking space & community, shared these musings from her morning journaling on a quiet, shelter-in-place day:

Isn’t that gorgeous? I loved the words themselves, and the reminder that we each can ask for the voice of wisdom to speak to us in our journaling, sharing a calm that our minds don’t typically offer us.

If you are looking for support around an important project right now, a fabulous resource is The Hivery’s Incubator program, led by Grace. It is a coaching and accountability group for people who want to take impactful steps forward, yet don’t want to do it alone. It’s a place where you can reset and think about what’s truly important in your business, book, project, or idea. I’ll be participating as a guest teacher in one of the sessions – and I can’t wait!

One thing I’ve learned from my own journey is that sometimes a little support, community and structure can go a very long way in helping us do just that. There aren’t many resources that provide those things that I know well enough to be able to highly recommend, but one of the few is The Hivery Incubator.

I’ll leave you with these wise and inspiring words from Grace,

The first thing that fear really can’t stand…the one superhero that shoves fear into the corner and lets courage step in the ring…is connection. Fear loves loneliness. Fear loves isolation. But fear can’t stand people banding together to support each other’s work. Alone in our thoughts, we can talk ourselves out of the very essence of who we are and what we are here to do. But with connection, the voices around us can support and distract from fear.”

Head over here to learn more about The Hivery Incubator program.

With love,


Photo by Thomas Galler


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