I read some words recently that I just loved, so of course I wanted to share them with you.

MIT Lecturer and author Otto Scharmer writes,

“The future arrives first as a feeling…”

The thoughts come later, he says.

I think this is true of our collective future and our individual ones. First there is a feeling – some new rising energy, or a new discontent with what is. Not a feeling in the sense of an emotion, but rather a budding, a current, a coalescing that we feel.

Now, you and I live in the land of the linear. We were raised here. In this land, we look for every energy to become some *thing*. And immediately please. Anything that is showing itself to us? We want to get to the point of it. We believe in progress that we can describe and map.

But this is merely one way. In other lands, things grow unseen. Their unfolding is not linear, but it is real. In this land, not everything is a “thing” – there are other forms – burgeonings, waves, accumulations.

I see so many of us discount what is arising in us because it shows itself first as some unspecified, indescribable feeling. From here, we waste a lot of time and energy trying to see the plan, or the point. We kill a lot of what was just starting to grow.

“The future arrives first as a feeling…”  Though you can’t name it yet, today you can softly carry the future that is arriving within you.

With love,


Note: Otto Scharmer quote is from the u.lab online course here.


Photo by OC Gonzalez

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