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More Everyday Joy

a simple way to feel better

In Naomi Levy’s beautiful new book, Einstein and the Rabbi, she shares the Hasidic teaching, “There are ten levels of prayer, and above them is Song.” This past weekend, I spent a lot of time singing. I went to a couple of religious worship services and sang and sang… and then sang some more. Now […]

What could this be for?

There’s a fascinating study about creativity and child development in which adults introduce a new toy to children in two different ways. In the first scenario, the adult introduces the new toy to a child and explains that they (the adult) know how to use the toy, and that they are going to teach the […]

On the Hard Days…

Last week we talked about the power of creativity – and how simple acts of “everyday creativity” leave us feeling more energized, enthusiastic, connected, and purposeful. Today I want to talk about the other direction: does being in a great mood help us be creative? The findings on this are pretty interesting. Some studies show […]

50 Ways to Practice Everyday Creativity

What is “everyday creativity?” It’s something you and I can do in the midst of our busy lives, no matter what kind of work we do. It’s something we can do in the midst of commutes and carpool, pitch decks and client meetings. It’s also something we can do in the midst of grief, chronic […]

White Hot Truth

Today I’m thrilled to share with you a passage from White Hot Truth, the new book by Danielle LaPorte. From Danielle: “For the longest time, I thought that joy was, ultimately, our true nature, the centre of our centre. That assumption felt close, but not quite there. After much more making, meditating, struggling, succeeding, raging, […]