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if your calling doesn’t pay the bills

  Yes, it can be a tremendous blessing in our lives to do work full-time that feels like a calling. But I’ve also never met a calling that cared whether or not it was the way the bills got paid. And over the past ten years I’ve talked to many, many people about their longings, […]

If you wish you had more self-discipline

You can listen to this post in audio, too. Click the player to download an mp3 file.   Where we think we need more self-discipline, we usually need more self-love. Several weeks ago, I noticed that those words from the Playing Big book were being shared widely on social media, with people taking the time […]

making time for what you love to do

A few weeks ago, I headed into the dance studio for a class for the first time since my daughter was born. It took a lot to get to a class. It took all these months for me to feel up for it. It took being willing to give it a big chunk of time […]

what I mean by “playing big”

  What is playing big?   I often hear from women that when they hear the words “playing big,” they have a kind of mixed reaction. On the one hand, the idea of playing bigger calls to them. They don’t want to keep having that subtle, sneaking sense that they are playing small – holding […]

a simple way to feel better

In Naomi Levy’s beautiful new book, Einstein and the Rabbi, she shares the Hasidic teaching, “There are ten levels of prayer, and above them is Song.” This past weekend, I spent a lot of time singing. I went to a couple of religious worship services and sang and sang… and then sang some more. Now […]