5 questions & a live call for the new year

By January 2, 2014 9 Comments

Hey there,

For the past couple years, I’ve shared a set of questions for you to reflect on and journal about as you enter the new year. (Reflection, visioning, clarifying are WAY more helpful than New Year’s Resolutions, in my opinion!)

Today, I’m sharing a new set of questions for 2014. I’m inspired here by own growing edges this year:

1. What have you always believed about yourself that life is showing you might not be true?

2. Where do you complicate life by turning outward for advice or information instead of trusting the answer within?

3. What’s scary and what’s thrilling about trusting yourself more immediately and more often?

4. What kinds of self-care truly feel like self-care to you (and not like a self-care to-do list)?

5. Where in your life might less (less effort, work, time, perfection, research, activity, etc.) actually be enough?

Join me! I’m hosting a free call on Thursday January 9th at 4pm PST/7pm EST to guide you in exploring your answers to these questions. I’ll also be sharing some juicy stories about how these topics are showing up in my life right now, and what I’m learning along the way. To join us (live or via a recording) sign up HERE.


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  • Sandy says:

    I love these questions…they all set a theme about trusting in myself and what I really know, not in what others may think or say. 2014 is the year for embracing what is right for me and being open to noticing what that is. No need to force it. It’s there already!

  • Sabrina says:

    I really like these questions as well. I wrote a blog a couple of days ago about this topic. I really hate new years resolution and would much rather dream about what life might hold for us.

  • Valerie uk says:

    Fab questions! Thank you! Time to be honest and let go of outter insanely high expectations. My favourite self care: fresh pasta with pine nuts, pesto, parmesan and a glass of red wine on a Saturday night all by myself in front of my favourite show (hardly ever watch tv and have the kids on week days), candles and throw on me on a rocking chair. Bliss! I am learning to listen to myself first now and I am loving it. Can’t wait to see the impact it will have on the life I am creating for my myself… Have a great New Year Tara and readers!

  • Love the idea of sitting with questions as way to frame 2014! I was feeling alot of pressure yesterday to vision my year when truthfully what I need now is to simply focus on the right questions and live into answers. Specifically the whole idea of tracking self care which is nourishing rather than a “to do” list feels important piece to consider — i like to focus on what ill accomplish but appreciate the reminder to ask how i can best fill myself internally. Hmm juicy stuff– Thanks for sharing it! Warmly, Courtney

  • June De Sena says:

    Oh my, what wonderful queries to think about…and I JUST finished writing to them. 2:30 in the afternoon, still in my PJs and I feel great! So nice to see growth in myself. Thanks, Tara! Happy New Year to you all!!!

  • Kim Cooper says:

    Thanks for these prompts Tara, particularly #4! Here’s what came to mind: gentle yoga, time and space to read, asking for help, being honest with someone I trust, saying no, saying yes. xo

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