Digging Deep for the New Year

By January 8, 2013 7 Comments

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Just before the end of the year, I shared these journaling prompts to help you envision your next year. These are prompts that dig into the heart of the matter…which is of course, our hearts.

I know some of you were too busy during that window between Christmas and New Year’s to catch what was flying by in your inboxes, and I know others of you are just starting to do your 2013 visioning now, so I share the prompts again with you here today.

Lots of love,



Grab a journal and write your answers to these prompts. Or write them in the comments below, or at your own blog. If you’d like, share your answers with someone you love, and listen to theirs.

Go with your first instinct as you complete the statements. Let your intuition lead. If you are writing, keep the pen moving. Don’t get stuck in “thinking about it.” Don’t look for the “right” answer.

You don’t have to understand your answers right away. Some may feel surprising or even mysterious. Over time, their meaning will emerge for you.

1. Because I wanted to make 2013 count, I…

2. Because fear of failure was no longer a good enough reason to not do it, in 2013 I…

3. Because I listened to the whispers inside, in 2013 I…

4. Because the things that brought me joy in childhood still do, in 2013 I…

5. Because simple pleasures are so rich, in 2013 I…

6. Because my body has served me so beautifully all these years, in 2013 I…

7. Because the world needs my service, in 2013 I…

8. Because of the remarkable people who have loved me and made me who I am, in 2013 I…

9. Because I am willing to believe in the power of forgiveness, in 2013 I…

10. Because the silence has gone on long enough, in 2013 I….

11. Because I am so blessed, in 2013 I…

12. Because I vowed to be more radical, in 2013 I…

13. Because I wanted, in the last days of my life, to remember this year with tears of gratitude, in 2013 I…



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  • I am going to send this a very special young lady who can really benifit from this..

    My life and journey has been on the path of feeling and doing things that would help others.

    Thank you

  • Diane says:

    Tara- Thank you for sharing your list of how to put ourselves out there to do the work and play we are created and designed to do. You are a part of my putting it all together for good in 2013.

    Wholeheartedly and with Courage,


  • Hi, Tara! Heard you on Broadminded today, and loved your 13 questions. I just started a blog called Get Your Life Straight–a blog about improving your life, and I would love to link back to you 🙂 Thanks for the thought-provoking questions!

    Get Your Life Straight

  • Colubrina says:

    Tanx thanx thanx for this prompts

  • Suzanne Enright says:

    Hi- thanks for republishing. I did it this time. You guessed right – I was too distracted before. And I just started a blog to publish some of my writing so I may post what I wrote there, as you suggested. Thanks!!

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