a conversation with Jonathan Fields & Erin Moon

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One of my favorite afternoons of the past couple months was the one I spent recording for Jonathan Fields’ Good Life Project podcast.

I walked out of the Good Life Project studio so grateful for the enlivening conversation, and wondering how I could bring more conversations of such richness into my life.

I’m personally a subscriber to Jonathan’s fabulous podcast, so of course that made it extra special to be part of the show.

In this episode, Vancouver-based yoga educator, Erin Moon, and I join as guests.

Jonathan gave us a fun homework assignment – to each bring three topics of interest to the discussion. Our conversation will span three episodes of the show over the next few weeks.

In this first part, we talk about:

Do great leaders doubt themselves? Doubt their work?

What’s happening with so many westerners reaching east for their spirituality?

Is mindfulness always a good thing? What causes it to sometimes do harm?

You can catch the episode here.

(And seriously, I hope you’ll subscribe to the podcast – Good Life Project is one of my favorites. I’ve learned so much from listening and come away so inspired.)



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