Grandmother Power

By September 18, 2012 One Comment

I want to invite you to jump over to Huffington Post to read my latest piece there.

It’s a Q&A with a woman I’ve admired for over a decade – pioneering author and photographer Paola Gianturco. I first heard her name a long time ago when a friend of mine brought in one of her beautiful books to dance class to show all of us her inspiring work.

Paola has been on the Oprah Show, CNN, NPR to talk about her pioneering photographic work documenting women’s lives.

I’m particularly excited to tell you about her new book Grandmother Power.

What is Grandmother Power? It’s a phenomenon going on around the globe – but not so present in the U.S. yet – of grandmothers coming together to lead and transform their communities.

I have no doubt that you’ve always known that the cultural stereotype of grandmothers – rocking chairs, knitting needles, and blue hair – completely denied the truth of older women’s wisdom and fierce love.

This book shows that reality. I hope it sparks all of us to think about the role of grandmothers in our culture and the importance of having women elders in leadership positions.

More than ever, we need leaders who know the sanctity of life, who know what really matters, who know how to nurture communities, individuals, systems.

Read the Q&A with Paola here.












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  • Gwendolyn says:

    I am so excited about this article….Can’t wait to read it. It makes me think of Clarissa Pinkola Estes and her book Women that Run with the Wolves!

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