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By April 12, 2012 6 Comments

Hey there,

I’ve been doing more TV lately, which is really fun in lots of ways, but one of the big downsides is the three-minute thing. On most shows, you get three minutes, or maybe, at tops, five minutes, to share your ideas, connect with the host, deliver the information. It can feel rushed and shallow. It can leave a girl feeling kinda empty.

Doing those segments has made me appreciate other longer interview formats, and I got to luxuriate in two of them this week. Both of the interviewers, Tabby Biddle and Jeffrey Davis are wise, impassioned souls I admire.

Here’s Tabby’s interview of me (this was a phone chat now written up in an article).
Here’s Jeffrey’s interview with me (this is an audio recording).

To be honest, I am feeling weird and awkward about sending out two interviews of me…some sort of “that’s arrogant” police are yelling in my head. Like somehow this is less okay to send out than my own thoughts written into a blog post? Anyway, just voicing the inner critic there.

I spoke from the heart in both of them and I hope you find something useful in each. (I also hope that the part about the Venus of Willendorf will make you laugh out loud as it made me when I saw what I had said!)

Tabby’s interview
Jeffrey’s interview

Love to you,


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  • Kathy says:


    Again, your authenticity comes through in this interview. Thank you for sharing your insights with the world!!


  • Paola Gianturco says:

    Bravo, Tara. You are playing BIG and modeling BIG. Cheering you on! Paola

  • Meri says:

    Great interview. Thanks for sharing your journey with us.

  • mamawolfe says:

    Tara, your genuineness comes smashing through in your interviews. I love the Venus part-I’d never seen that before, but can definitely relate!

  • Lucy says:

    I really liked your interview with Jeffrey. Thanks for giving us the chance to hear you in a more in-depth, natural, conversational way.

  • Mari Beth says:

    I haven’t heard them yet, (I will!) but I’m speaking to your insecurity about sharing them…OMG! We NEED you to share your wisdom, otherwise we wouldn’t be on your list. Thank you for your courage to share even when that inner critic warps what you know are your true intentions; caring, healing, and loving. Dear Heart! Please let that light and energy continue to over-flow from you, oh Caldron!

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