Join me for a phone banking party (online) TODAY

By November 6, 2016 14 Comments


One day left till the Presidential election, and I have an invitation for you.

Join me for a virtual phone banking party for Hillary that I’m hosting this evening!

Here’s how it works: at 5pm PST/8pm EST today Monday, November 7th, we – the amazing women and men of this reader community – will convene online together.

We’ll say hello, and then we’ll all get to work making calls for Hillary.

(We’ll walk you through how to do that from your home or office, if you haven’t done it before.)

As we make calls, we’ll all stay connected in our online “room” – so we can chat with each other online and take some breaks together as we volunteer.

Together, we could get thousands of outreach calls made in an hour and really support the final push – let’s do it!

As you know from my previous posts, I have not written about elections or specific candidates in the past many years of writing this blog, and I certainly haven’t done anything like this! But I believe this election is about choosing to keep our American democracy and protecting human rights, more than it is about any specific policy or partisan choices. That’s why I feel it is my spiritual and civic responsibility to speak about it here.

Volunteering together this evening is going to be a lot of fun!!

How to Join:

Join me at 5pm PST/8pm EST here: https://zoom.us/j/384684542.
If prompted, enter the Webinar ID: 384 684 542.

See you then!



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  • Amy says:

    I love this! Thank you, Tara, for orchestrating.

    I’ll be there in between driving soccer carpool for a bunch of future nasty women!


  • Jeanne says:

    Thank you for doing this – I’ll be phone banking for NH voters at our local Hillary headquarters…it takes a village!

  • Marie Louise Williams says:

    Tara – wishing you and everyone with you the very best from the UK this evening with this adventure!

  • Ali Gowans says:

    Wishing you a tremendous turn out for this Tara, I am in London so it won’t work for me to join but I am so relieved that people are doing something positive to hasten the right candidate into the White House! – There are so many of us very much behind Hilary in the UK…….the alternative is just horrific! 🙂 Ali Gowans x

  • Suni Nelson says:

    Although I so respect your helpful female leadership guidance, as a female elder fr SFBay Area, now in so.OR, I disagree with your Hillary choice that will affect so many others decision. Neither Trump nor Hillary are respected next presidents of our ‘new’ Republic of the U.S. & somehow consciousness will turn this election around in the next month to place a worthy president to lead our enlightened future. I hope people listen beneath the words on this one & the illusion of this election. From one elder to a youunger elder.

  • Tara, this email made me smile. HRC is a tremendous choice for our country and I’m so glad that you’re supporting her! I’ve done some banking already this election and am not able to attend tonight but wish you the best with this project. I am confident in the win of HRC tomorrow!!


  • Dear Tara. I live in London and I don’t know how I found you on the internet but have regularly received your communications for a long time. You are clearly a lovely, caring, generous hearted lady and I applaud you. I obviously can’t do any phoning but please know that I am with you in spirit. I too am Jewish and your last note so resonated with me ….. just realised I will be in LA in April … maybe we’ll speak on the phone … anyway, GO HILLARY!!!! We’ve had Brexit here …. whatever Hillary’s negatives – they far outweigh on the positive to Trump’s anything. My husband and I are wishing all Americans to think very very carefully about their prejudices and the consequences. GO HILLARY and Go Tara. (Our daughter is called Tara! xx) no bias at all!!

  • Ophellia says:

    I am from the UK (British citizen). Just want to give a huge thumbs up to this suggestion! Good luck everyone.

  • Danielle says:

    I am from kent in the uk. I cant join you from here but i support you in spirit. Let us hope for the sake of everybody that it is a win for hillary. Goodluck america – you can do this!!

  • Leonie Reynolds says:

    Thanks Tara from New Zealand for speaking out and taking action! Good luck!

  • Shelley says:

    Tara… Thank you for rallying your readers and friends. I’ve been phonebanking with my county party, and on the Hillary VPB (which is really fun…). Hopefully we will all celebrate tomorrow evening…tonight’s event in Philadelphia was a lovely, and positive, close to Hillary’s campaign. That’s it! Let’s do this tomorrow! Then we’ll work to extend the love to everyone…because we are ONE, UNITED…United States of America!

  • The phone banking effort has given me a new perspective on your commitment to the things that really count for me!

    I am a huge supporter of you Tara Mohr! I have your book already but will be joining you in your next class series.

    Thank you for your bravery and commitment!

  • Amy says:

    Not me, TRUMP all the way!!! Never would I ever vote for Hilary Clinton!!!!!!

  • Stephanie Steyer says:

    Thank you Tara, for organizing this event for Hillary. I SO wanted to join but I couldn’t. I was traveling yesterday all day from Texas to California. We met only lovely people all day long. Not divisive or angry. Only helpful and kind. Even in Texas when they found out we were from California, no one was hateful. We are Americans and it is so evident when we get to travel and meet others in this amazing country. Yes, we have problems and issues that need addressing. Thank goodness if that is what comes from this horribly angry campaign. Love Trumps Hate… every time!

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