A Chat with Kate Northrup

By October 23, 2013 5 Comments


Today I’m delighted to bring you an audio chat with Kate Northrup, the author of the book, Money A Love Story: Untangle Your Financial Woes & Create the Life You Really Want.

In our candid conversation, Kate and I talk about a number of juicy topics including:

  • how to get out of that unconscious “waiting to be rescued” syndrome with money (and become your own rescuer)
  • how your early childhood experiences connect to your current money frustrations – and what to do about it
  • Kate’s journey to playing bigger – how she got the courage to share her story, write her book, and become more visible

Listen to the interview here:

Download as Mp3 Interview with Kate Northrup

The two exercises Kate talks about in our interview are on p. 20 and p. 8 of the workbook found HERE.

Check out the book HERE!

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  • Michelle Hollinger says:

    Powerful, informative and so timely. I definitely needed to hear this – TODAY!! I’ve done amazing work to dissolve childhood issues regarding money, but hearing Kate say that we should view our relationship with money as a form of self-love just struck a deep, and transformative chord within me that I know will have positive results!! Thank you, Tara! Thank you, Kate!!

  • Martha Turner says:

    Fabulous. Thank-you!

  • Kaye says:

    Awesome, thanks Tara.

  • Carolyn Solares says:

    Thanks, Tara. Such an important subject, and one that few of us are talking about honestly. I’ve had some questions about how to interpret the “Money Love” scores from people I’ve shared this with. Would love to be able to share insights about what to do (and how to improve) the scores. Many thanks.

  • Cindy Doehr says:

    I have always tried to do the right thing about money-I save, try not to use my credit card,etc. Circumstances like illness,unexpected house repairs, and just having a daughter that has many health issues have made my financial situation difficult. I earn good money, but it has been easier for debt to creep up on me than paying them off when you have another mouth to feed. What can I do?

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