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For a while now, I’ve noticed a theme showing up again and again in the conversations I have with women.

Some are coaches or therapists, and feel particularly called to use the vehicle or their coaching or therapy practice to help women live more empowered, fulfilling, and yes – even revolutionary – lives.

Others are managers or leaders working inside organizations. They’ve discovered that they’re most inspired and happy at work when they are developing the people around them, and seeing them grow.

Others work in health or wellness, and are looking to bring more emotional, relational and even spiritual tools for personal change to their work so that it can have a greater impact.

Still others work in academia or education, and spend much of their time mentoring and advising students. They are looking for better tools to do this – so that they can truly support the younger people in front of them, in the ways they wish they themselves had been supported.

I see myself as a part of a shared tribe with all of these women – women who come alive when they can help others fulfill more of their potential. Women who have a particular calling to help other women create more thrilling, resonant lives and careers because they know that is going to change the world for the much better.

These women aren’t only passionate about helping others play bigger – they’ve got their own longings to play bigger within, but often they haven’t quite found the way to line up those longings with swift and bold action. Often, the people around them may not totally understand or be able to help with their playing bigger dreams (that’s totally normal!), and a separate-from-their-day-to-day life, and supportive community can really help.

It’s this community of women that have been coming together for the Playing Big Facilitators Training. It’s a six-month journey of growth and learning. You’ll learn the powerful Playing Big model and toolkit that I developed out of my own work with women that’s now helped thousands of women play bigger – on their own terms.

This training is for both your own playing bigger and to enhance the work that you do with others – coaching, counseling, managing or mentoring.

Registration for our next session opens today. You can learn all about it HERE.

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