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Hey there,
I’m writing today to let you know about a special mini-course I’m offering for entrepreneurs.
As you know, I’m just coming out of the Playing Big registration period. I’m excited and proud that 140 women are participating in the program.
I’ve been thinking about how much I’ve learned about marketing and product development that allowed me to successfully fill a program with a large group – and wanting to share what I’ve learned with you.
I know that, like me, many of you run small businesses that offer something needed and positive to the world – as coaches, wellness practitioners, artists, consultants. Many of you are walking the exciting – yet frustrating – path of promoting products or services online. (Or you are thinking about doing so soon.)
You are probably excited by the potential of how many people you could reach and the possibility of creating something financially scalable and sustaining. But you are also probably frustrated with launches that landed with a thud – when you announced a product or service online and saw no – or very low – sales. It’s such a disappointing, ouch, icky moment.
I’ve been there! Oh, the ouchiness.
Quite honestly, out of frustration with those experiences, I started learning. I learned some techniques and ideas about how to effectively share a product or program with potential customers online. Everything I learned was totally counterintuitive – the opposite of what I’d been doing before. Big surprises. Big learning.
What I learned helped me create the thriving Playing Big program, which has had 100+ women register since it’s first year – and the program is growing. I’d like to turn around now and pass the baton.
I’d like to share what I learned with you – the strategies that have worked really well for me. This is marketing – but with special attention to the approaches that bring together integrity, authenticity, and effectiveness.
We’ll have three calls, covering the top 10 strategies that helped me develop a product my audience wanted and then market it effectively. On each call, we’ll cover a few of the strategies, and then we’ll talk through your questions and dilemmas about your online product launches. And, since “selling” can be stressful and feel very heavy, we are going to do this all with a spirit of supportiveness and *fun.*
You’ll get the trifecta of moi: 1) my MBA training, 2) my hard-won lessons learned creating failing and successful products launches online, and 3) the coach who is *not* going to let you stand in your own way here. Nope.
I’ve learned so much from my own journey and I’m really excited to share it with all of you creative entrepreneurs.
Let’s suffer with our launches less.
Let’s sustain ourselves more abundantly.
Let’s use tools that work and that stay way out of the marketing sleeze-zone.
Let’s have the joy of seeing our work make it’s way in the world.

The Details:
-Three 75-minute class conference calls
-Listen to the call recordings anytime, at your convenience, or attend live Feb 3rd at noon PST, Feb 8th at 10:30am PST, Feb 15th at 10:30am PST.
-We’ll cover both how to develop a product your audience wants and how to market it effectively
-We’ll talk through your questions and dilemmas about online product launches and marketing
This course is a $97 investment.
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P.S. – This is starting quick, this week because 1) I wanted to do it with all the details from the Playing Big launch super fresh in my mind and 2) because I’m honestly so excited about this I kinda couldn’t wait!
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